ADVERBIAL CLAUSES OF TIME(Mệnh đề trạng ngữ chỉ thời gian)

- Mệnh đề trạng ngữ chỉ thời gian thường bắt đầu bằng các trạng từ chỉ thời gian như: when, while, after, before, since, until, as soon as, …
- Sự phối hợp giữa động từ trong mệnh đề chính và mệnh đề trạng ngữ chỉ thời gian:
Main clause
(Mệnh đề chính)
Adverbial clause of time
(Mệnh đề trạng ngữ chỉ thời gian)
Present tenses
Present tenses
Past tenses
Past tenses
Future tenses
Present tenses

1. TLĐ + until / when / as soon as + HTĐ                 

     Ex: I will wait here until she comes back.

2. TLĐ + after + HTHT                                             

          Ex: He will go home after he has finished his work.

3. While / when / as + QKTD, QKĐ                          

   Ex: While I was going to school, I met my friend.

4. QKĐ + while / when / as + QKTD                 

   Ex: It started to rain while the boys were playing football.

5. QKTD + while + QKTD      

     Ex: Last night, I was doing my homework while my sister was playing games.

6. HTHT + since + QKĐ                                          

    Ex:  I have worked here since I graduated.

7. TLHT + by / by the time + HTĐ                           

   Ex: He will have left by the time you arrive.

8. QKHT + by the time / before + QKĐ                   

   Ex: He had left by the time I came.

9. After + QKHT, QKĐ                                            

   Ex: After I had finished my homework, I went to bed.